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Do you have a near miss collision experience that you would like to share? Whether you were driving and a pedestrian or bicyclist disobeyed the rules, or you were nearly hit by a car while crossing the street, or had your bike run off the road by someone not paying attention, we want to hear about it.

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Dave @ Highway 2 near Hayford Road Walmart Entrance

I was riding the shoulder to work when a while male in his mid 20s pulled up along side me in the right lane driving a late model red Ford F150. He made eye contact with me, sped up and then turned right in front of me at one of the Walmart entrances forcing me to brake hard to avoid hitting him.

Barb @ 3rd Ave. and Sherman

I was wearing high-visibility clothing and biking predictably and visibly in the lefthand northbound lane (to prepare for a left turn at the next light).

A driver turning left out of a parking lot onto northbound Sherman failed to yield, and I could tell she hadn't really looked when she turned her head to "look" uphill. I avoided the collision but that's only because I was riding with awareness.


Rachel @ Howard and Spokane Falls

I was on my bike waiting at the red light at Howard and Spokane Falls so I could leaving Riverfront Park. After the light changed to green for me (you can tell because the pedestrian signal changes to "Walk"), I saw the oncoming car slowing as it approached the intersection, so I started to cross the street.

Apparently it was not stopping though, because when I was halfway across the street, it honked at me and kept going right on through that red light.

Rachel @ Howard, between Main and Spokane Falls

I was riding my bike down Howard, downtown, and there was a minivan parked in the bike lane. That itself is annoying, but I dealt with it and moved into the lane to pass the van on the left. As I was nearing, it suddenly started to perform a U-turn in the middle of the street without checking for oncoming traffic (including bicycles since it was blocking the bike lane)!

Luckily, I was able to brake in time so as not to run into them. Once the van was across the street, someone getting out of their parked car right next to me (just behind and to the right of where the van had been) shouted out, "Wow! That was close!"

Rachel @ Howard and Main

I pulled up to the intersection of Howard and Main and there was an SUV in the bike lane, stopped at the red light, waiting to turn left. That is fine - the bike lanes are dashed at intersections to allow cars to pull into them before turning right.
So, I pulled up and stopped in the bike lane behind the SUV, to wait for the green light.

The SUV did not take the free right but instead waited for the light to turn green. As soon as it did, they shifted into reverse and started to back up right into me! Thankfully they turned their wheel every so slightly, so their back end went a little bit out into the car lane and missed me by inches. I was easily able to reach up and bang on their rear window as it passed right beside me. I hope that made them realize they had almost flattened me!

Rachel @ Jefferson and Riverside

I was leading a tour of the new downtown bike loop on August 5th. The group of us, about 10-15 bicyclists, were all in the bike lane. I came up to the stop sign at that intersection, stopped, put my foot down, and looked for cars on Riverside. At that moment, a big SUV pulls up alongside me on Jefferson, performs a "California stop" through the stop sign, and then proceeded to turn right, cutting me off.

This is known as a "right hook" and luckily I was expecting it because I am a super cautious rider. If I had gone ahead, which I had the right-of-way to do, I would have been hit.

Andy @ N Nevada and N Northpointe (Goodwill Entrance)

This happens almost every time I use this route to ride my bike, north bound Nevada from Magnesium to Hawthorn. I choose to ride my bike on the sidewalk because there are rarely pedestrians using it and on more than one occasion I have had motorists throw thinsg at me or grab/slap me when I use the edge of the road even though that section of road is shard use for bikes and cars. The problem is almost every time I ride this area cars pull out of the businesses parking lots at a high rate of speed right out onto the sidewalk and sometimes partially into the road without looking, most of the time on their phone. I watch for it every time and expect it every time, but if somebody is new to the area or riding that area for the first time it's a collision waiting to happen.

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Michael @ Monroe

We need to focus some attention on motorists who stop to allow pedestrians to cross outside a marked or unmarked crosswalk, or even an intersection.

Twice this week I have seen cars stop to allow pedestrians to cross this way. While one driver may think they are doing a favor by trying to stop other lanes of traffic, it creates a dangerous situation when only one car out of 2 or three lanes stops. It creates a false sense of security for the pedestrian, who may start crossing in front of the stopped car.

Meanwhile, other passing cars may not see the pedestrian until they step out in front of the stopped car. When there are no markings or lights, and cars stop in the middle of the road to allow pedestrians to cross outside intersections, it creates confusion.

Pedestrians should cross in intersections or wait for a clearing in traffic. Motorists should not attempt to stop traffic for pedestrians crossing at places other than crosswalks and intersections.

Angela @ Hamilton at I-90

We were going through one of those construction zones to get back on I-90. Two bicyclists were making their way slowly up the hill. My husband is a rider also and so extremely aware of what they need. He gauged speed, assessed that they were still nowhere near the on-ramp entrance, and then did a very wide turn to ensure they had room not to break stride and be safe. At which point the woman SCREAMED as if she'd been hit. He'd gone wide enough, but the startle reflex could have sent us into the barrier. Fortunately he's a nerves of steel kind of guy. Guess tensions are pretty high these days.

Janice @ Wall and Main

While preparing to walk east across Wall where it intersects with Main in downtown Spokane, I observed a woman walking in the same intersection but headed west. At the same time, a middle-aged man heading south on Wall on his bicycle hollered "Move over!" to the woman and missed her with about 12 inches to spare. He never slowed down, never tried to stop, never even tried to swerve. He was just entitled.

Kim @ Argonne and Maringo

I was struck by a cyclist while using the west-side Argonne sidewalk after crossing the Argonne bridge. I went to the hospital to receive Xrays and stitches for my injuries. Be vigilant on this sidewalk as a wooden fence (owned by Spokane County) obscures your view of oncoming sidewalk users turning right off of Maringo.

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Kimberlee @ Corner of 25th and Monroe - South Hill

In a hurry to get my son to school one day, we stepped off the curb to cross without realizing the car parked at the curb was backing up to leave their spot. Fortunately, I grabbed my son in time, but this was a very scary near miss for us.

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Tony @ Spokane Valley Fred Meyer

I was jogging along the sidewalk and a car shot out of the parking lot and nearly hit me. I don't think he realized he was supposed to stop before the sidewalk.

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